Law firm since 2007

Lakimajakka Ltd is a law firm established in 2007 with a wide range of activities throughout Finland. In the Helsinki region, our offices are located in the centre of Helsinki, in Kamppi. 

In the Pirkanmaa region, our office is located in Tampere, in the historic setting of Finlayson. In Eastern Finland, we are located in the centre of Varkaus, along the Ahlströminkatu parkway. We are a member company of the Finnish Enterprise Association.

High-quality expert services

LakiMajakka’s mission is to provide customer-oriented, high-quality legal expertise to individuals, associations and small and medium-sized enterprises. We aim to achieve profitability through the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

High-quality and close cooperation with our clients is a matter of honour for us.
At Lakimajakka, we guide, protect and help our clients in the face of different life
situations, adversities or challenges. We are a flexible, approachable and modern
law firm. We provide expert legal advice in a reliable, efficient and personalised way. Our pricing is based on transparency and fairness.


Our operations are based on trusting customer relationships, a supportive and
positive working environment and social responsibility.

A trusting relationship with our customers

A confidential client relationship is always based on open and respectful cooperation with the client.

A supportive and friendly working environment

A supportive and people-oriented working environment enables you to do your work
to a high standard and make use of your wide range of professional skills.

Corporate social responsibility

Responsible entrepreneurship as an integral part of the community is one of
LakiMajakka’s basic principles.